Workplace Investigation

The necessity to conduct thorough and objective workplace investigations can be driven by a number of factors including: statutory compliance; comprehensive HR policies; strategic business considerations; investor/stakeholder confidence; and the goal of establishing a safe and compassionate workplace.

Investigations may be initiated in response to first-party complaints, anonymous  allegations, or HR or management inquiries.  Carlisle Strategies responds to your call for assistance by initiating a professional, confidential and fact-driven process focused on determining “on the balance of probabilities” how events occurred. Our goal is fact-based truth.

Our team is trained in and utilizes the P.E.A.C.E. model of interviewing, relied upon by law enforcement throughout Canada and modified by us for HR purposes.  The P.E.A.C.E. methodology has been scientifically proven to result in greater recall and veracity than less structured interviewing techniques. We will interview relevant parties, review pertinent materials and correspondence, document interviews and provide a concise, unbiased evaluation of the accumulated facts.

Carlisle Strategies will provide your organization with an objective third-party analysis of circumstances and facts based on the credibility of information obtained during the course of our inquiry.  Based on initial discussions, the appropriate Senior Partner will manage the inquiry process into

  • Workplace harassment or violence
  • Hostile or disruptive work environment, including threats or intimidation
  • Discrimination
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour
  • Conflict of interest
  • Theft, fraud or vandalism
  • Violation of workplace safety or HR policies

Following our inquires, we will meet with you as soon as practical to discuss our findings. Our written report will provide you with a summary of the complaint, contravention or breach; an assessment of relevant information from interviews and ancillary materials; identification and consideration of inconsistencies; and an assessment of credibility based on the weight of competing information.

Our objective is to provide you with an unbiased assessment of the facts that will assist management, HR departments and Counsel in determining appropriate next steps in the processing of these internal challenges.

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